Best Tips For Proper Use Of Mining Drill Bits

How do you use your bits? Well, how you use your mining drill bits is a factor that determines a lot of things, including the lifespan of the bits. There are several things you need to learn about the proper use of mining drill bits.

What has been the most common thing in the drilling industry is the high rate of wear and tear of the drilling tools. It is a rampant thing, especially with newbies. But what most people may not have realized is their use of the drill bits could be the cause of the problem.

This article has put together a few things that those relatively new in the market should learn. These are tips on how you should handle your mining drill bits right from the time you buy the machine or going for these parts:

Understand Drilling Conditions

It is important that you start with a better understanding of the condition you are be drilling. The mining industry is large, and the condition that you can mine varies from soft to very hard conditions. Therefore, before you can buy mining drill bits, it is important to start with understanding what you need the conditions in. With that, you will be able to avoid bits that wear out very fast because the condition is too much for them.

Get The Right Bit Tips

This is something that most people get wrong. You need to ensure that you are getting the right bit tips. The mistake that most people who end up complaining makes is buying the tips in terms of raw materials. Just because they have been said to be carbide is not enough. You need to know whether they come with cemented carbide brazing layer or not. Tungsten carbide material still remains one of the widely used raw materials for tips.

Maintenance of Bits

If you are using mining drill bits properly, then you must be maintaining them. The maintenance of these drill bits takes various shapes. One of them is the cleaning of the bits after drilling. Second is the sharpening of the bits that have been blunted, which is common as long as you are drilling. Then you should ensure that any replacement has been done immediately.

Proper Cooling

The other thing you need to do for properly mining drill bits is cooling. Make sure that the cooling mechanism of the mining drill is working perfectly. This will significantly reduce the rate of wear and tear.