Products Made By Cold Forging Manufacturers

Cold forging manufacturers can make a lot of products. In fact, today, we have a lot of common metal products made from cold forging. But what are the major products that you can expect to get from manufacturers?

Well, there are so many of them in the market. You can go here to see the range of products that these cold forging manufacturers have for you.

Here are some of the products that can be made by cold forging manufacturers:

Car and Bikes Parts

A huge number of the bikes and car parts are cold-forged. Some of them include most of the pipes used as the frame for the bikes and also the cars. From the connecting rods, transmission shafts, rocker arms to steering knuckles, these parts can be cold forged. Other parts of the cars and bikes that are cold-forged today are the gears.

Tools for Fastening

If you deal with machines, you must be having a toolbox filled with all kinds of tools. Fastening tools are the most widely used, but most people may not be aware that these tools are cold-forged. Whether they electric or pneumatic fastening tools, you can have most of the cold-forged.

Mining Tools

There are so many mining tools and parts that can be made from cold forging. You probably didn’t know that mining bits are some of the products that are cold-forged. In fact, you will find out that a majority of the bits, especially those not used demanding conditions, are made from cold forging.

Motor Housing

If you have a motor, no matter how small or big it, chances are that the housing has been made from cold forging. With a mould, manufacturers can do mass production of the motor houses. The fact that you can use cold forge a range of products makes it possible for cold forging manufacturers to produce almost all types of motor housing.

Packaging Products

There are so many packaging products that are made from cold forging. Ever given it a thought how metallic food cans, soda cans and so on are made? Most of these containers are made from cold forging. A good cold forging manufacturer can make a range of these products.

Construction Parts

From the machines and equipment used for the construction work, most of them have their parts made from cold forging. In addition to that, most of the metallic tools and materials use for this industry are cold-forged.