This Is How Blunt Wood Chipper Blades Affects Your Operations

Most people have this habit of working with their wood chipper blades for a long time without sharpening. What happens is that the blades become dull and blunt, and their cutting efficiency is reduced.

What most wood chipper users don’t know is that operating with blunt have a negative impact on their machine and operations. In this guide, we are going to look at how blunt wood chipper blades affect your operation. Read the following tips:

Stress On The Blade Bolts And Fasteners

When you are working with blunt teeth, the cutting efficiency is low, and this means that the stress on the tips will be transferred to the other parts of the teeth. In this case, the bolts and fasteners are the recipients of the stress. This causes their failure to keep the blades in place by loosening. So if your wood chipper blades’ bolt is loosening, you need to check for blunt.

Excessive Fuel Consumption

Have you needed that your wood chipper is consuming excess fuel? Well, the problem could be blunt teeth. This comes as a result of reduced cutting performance of the blades, which causes the machine to work harder to compensate for the ineffective cutter tools. In the process, the engine consumes a lot of fuel. So, you need to have the wood chipper blades sharpened.

Increased Premature Parts’ Failure

This is common in wood chippers’ wear parts when you have blunt and dull wood chipper blades. The accelerated belt, bearing and clutch are the main parts that wear and experience premature failure when running on blunt blades. The stress from the blade tips is transferred to the parts, making them work harder hence the high rate of wear and tear.

Unnecessarily Harsh Vibration

If the wood chipper has been developing unnecessary harsh vibrations, you need to check the condition of the blades. This is an important factor to consider because blunt blades are usually uneven, and in most cases, they cause harsh vibration. Sharpen them and keep them uniform.

High Maintenance Cost

Working with blunt wood chipper blades usually increase the rate of wear and tear of the entire machine. Therefore, the cost of maintaining the machine will be very high. You will be replacing most of the parts frequently, which can be costly.

Apart from sharpening your chipper blades, you also need to buy quality blades to reduce the rate of wear. Check out JYFMachinery for some of the best quality wood chipper blades.