Why You Shouldn’t Exceed Wear Parts Performance Specification

One of the mistakes that machine users make they end up blaming the manufacturer for poor quality tools is exceeding performance specifications. That’s something that most people get wrong without knowing but only realize when things get bad. But why should you avoid exceeding performance specifications provided by the manufacturer?

There are many reasons why the provided supplier performance is an important factor to consider. That’s what we are going to look out for in this post. Some of the things results that you are likely to get after you exceed the provided limit includes:


High Rate Of Wear And Tear

One of the results that you get from exceeding your wear parts performance specifications is increased wear and tear. Due to the exposure of more demanding conditions that they are made for, then these machine parts will wear out pretty fast. That’s because they will be exposed to conditions that are more abrasive, and this means a high rate of wear. There are many ways that the rate of wear of parts will impact your operations.


Frequent Repairs 

The other reason why avoid exceeding the performance specifications of the machines to reduce frequent repairs. Due to the exposure of the wear parts to very demanding conditions, then you will notice an increase in the kind of repairs that you do. That’s because of the increasing rate of wear and tear due to the exposure of the parts to more demand conditions. So, you need to observe the issue of the specification to help avoid the need for frequent repairs.


Need For Frequent Replacement 

When you expose wear parts to demanding conditions than they are made of, then you definitely reduce their expected lifespan. That’s because your machine wear parts will be wearing out at a very high rate than expected. Therefore, it will be making more replacement than expected, and that means more spending operating the machine.


Reduced Productivity

In every condition you are working on, there are specific types of tools that should be used to deliver peak performance. When you are exceeding wear parts performance specifications, then you are using lower grade tools for the job. This means your machine will be operating at a lower performance hence the low productivity level. That’s another reason why you shouldn’t exceed the recommended performance for the wear parts. There is a reason why the manufacturer provided them in the first place.