You Can Tell Your Mining Drill Bits Need Replacement by This.

You Can Tell Your Mining Drill Bits Need Replacement by This.

Now that you have invested with a mine drilling machine, how do you tell your mining drill bits need replacement? This is one area that machine owners, especially the newbies, find very difficult to discern. If you are wondering when is the best time to replace your mining drill bits, this guide is for you. It will explain some of the key symptoms of mining drill bits that need a replacement.

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Reduced performance

One thing that can tell your mining drill bits needs replacement is when you notice a reduction in the performance of the mining machine. If your machine performance has been going down continuously, even after making sure the drill bits are sharpened and repaired, this only means replacement is the only option left. When mining drill bits wear down, cutting efficiency is reduced; hence, the machine’s overall performance will be reduced.

High fuel consumption

Another sign that you probably need to replace your mining drill bits is high fuel consumption.  If you notice that your mining machine is consuming more fuel than usual for the same task, this can only mean something is wrong with the cutter tools. You need to check your mining drill bits condition. This is because your drilling machine is consuming too much fuel due to low efficiency caused by worn-out bits.

Frequent sharpening

How often have you been sharpening your mining drill bits? If your mining drill bits have been demanding frequent sharpening lately, this is another sign that you need to replace them. This tells you that they are worn out beyond repair and sharpening and can no longer stand the demanding drilling condition. The only solution here is to replace them.

Broken bits

Identifying broken mining drill bits does not require any expertise. You can easily identify the problem and make the necessary replacement. In most cases, the drilling bit would be broken at the edge since it’s the most exposed part, and in other issues, the bits are cracked, making it difficult for the mine drilling machine to work efficiently.